Why not borrow?

Growth investors seek to achieve above-inflation rate of return when they apply borrowed funds for investing. 

Australia is among the countries where most investors are unable to rely on a long term savings strategy alone for wealth creation and retirement. Similar to how most people acquired or will acquire their first home, it is near impossible to rely on savings alone to build that asset base to generate you passive income.

Two important factors hindering our ability to rely on a long-term savings strategy are inflation and income earning capacity. For one, most people’s income is not guaranteed to increase in line with their cost of living and, inflation continuously reduces our purchasing power. As such, our only option is to bring forward our consumption by borrow money for buying a home or investing. 

It depends on the type of asset class you the investor are comfortable having your money invested in. We could help you structure a gearing strategy for residential and commercial properties, shares, ETFs, managed funds and other assets.

– Diversified portfolio construction with indications and projections on expected investment returns. 


– It captures your investment preference, identifies your attitude towards investment risk and passive income target.


– Loan to value ratio (LVR) and an indication that you have sufficient cash flow to support a long-term gearing strategy.

– An illustration on how the gearing strategy could positively impact your cash flow and tax.


– A guide on making interest repayment and with a timeline on when you could be debt free.

As a financial advisor group, ANIG WM provides residential and commercial property advice including structuring property advice through a self managed super fund (SMSF).

ANIG Wealth Management’s nominated investment management team’s core services and depth of experience extends to securities and derivatives, international portfolios, and equity capital markets. The team have been together since 2016 and have combined over 50 years of trading experience between them. The team focuses on:


International Portfolios: Through the global investment platform, our investment management team provides clients with easy access to over 20,000 shares and ETF’s across 23 global exchanges, including the ASX. 


Securities and Derivatives Trading: The trading team consists of highly experienced advisers specialising in mid-tier and large cap companies on the ASX. In this specialised area the team operates derivatives strategies that include equity and index options that aim to generate income, provide hedging for portfolios and speculation.


Equity Capital Markets (ECM): The team have participated in assisting listed and unlisted companies to raise capital through private equity and placements. 


The equities team’s collaboration with ANIG WM for client strategies is carefully executed through directive policies and consistent Investment Committee meetings.