Simplicity, Transparency, Tax-Effective

Separately Managed Accounts or SMAs, are Managed Investment Schemes that are based on model portfolios with the minimum investments set at a relatively low level for a retail client. They're an alternative to mutual superannuation funds, managed by a professional investment manager as opposed to being self-managed or managed by a fund. They're a great option for those looking for more control/customisability, simplicity and transparency when it comes to managing money. They're also good for those seeking a more cost-effective option, as there are certain tax advantages that come with SMAs. If you're considering a SMA, ANIG Wealth Management can assist you in setting up and managing your account. Book a consultation to discuss your needs with us today.
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Separately Managed Accounts

Benefits of Separately Managed Accounts

·         Direct ownership of underlying securities.

·         Gives access to single asset class, such as fixed interest, as well as professional investment management.

·         Allows brokerage to be spread across several investors, meaning lower brokerage.

·         SMAs are Individual Accounts, meaning you’re the beneficial owner.

·         Commonly held shares transferred into and between SMA portfolios have no capital gains tax, broker fees or buy/sell spreads.

What's the Difference Between Separately Managed Accounts and Superannuation?

The main difference lies in the fact that SMAs are not pooled investment vehicles and the investor owns the underlying securities. They’re also far more customisable, giving you complete control over your assets to directly work towards your personal goals and objectives. If you have a diversified portfolio or need greater control over your securities and investments, it may be worth setting up a Separately Managed Account.

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Professional SMA Managers

While SMAs give you greater control, they are not without risk. Assets can experience negative returns, and different portfolio models will carry their own risks that must be managed. As financial experts, we provide tailored advice and support to help you better understand your financial situation and give you the best chance at succeeding with an SMA. Book a consultation and discuss your needs with our financial advisers today.