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ANIG Wealth Management’s insurance advisory team is dedicated to helping you get insurance that makes your money work for you and gives you the peace of mind that insurance should. We’ve worked with corporations, families, business owners, and many others, and have experience planning and creating tailored strategies according to your unique financial needs. Our fresh and innovative approach to insurance advice, as well as years of experience, are just some of the things that have made us a leading insurance advisory group. Book a consultation and discuss your needs with our team today.

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With ANIG WM, you get access to years of expertise as well as a range of tailored insurance solutions. We take a holistic approach to insurance advice, working to understand your current situation, your priorities, and your immediate and long-term goals. Through this we can direct you to insurance that meets your ever changing circumstances and gives you complete peace of mind now and in the future.


Take Control of Your Insurance

Whether you’re looking at getting insurance for the first time, have an existing insurance you want to change, or you’re simply looking to gain greater understanding and control over your insurance, ANIG WM is here to help. Our insurance and financial experts can bring clarity to your insurance plan and help you gain control over where your money is going and what it is insuring. As well as insurance advice, we offer a range of other consultancy services designed to give you the support you need to make educated decisions for your financial future.

Flexible and Innovative Financial & Insurance Advisory Group

As a leading financial services licensee supporting private financial advisors and insurance advisory groups, our insurance solutions are completely objective and not influenced by institutional agendas. This allows us to think openly and point you to insurance solutions that gives you the best results first and foremost. This means you have control and can change aspects that don’t suit your needs, or change/add aspects to fit. It also allows us to cut unnecessary costs where possible, and put you in a better position overall. With 24/7 access to your information, you can see any changes made in real time and evaluate accordingly.