Troy Mahoney

Troy Mahoney – CEO

Troy Mahoney is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for ANIG WM. As the CEO, he is also the Responsible Manager (RM) of our AFS license and the Head of Compliance and Advisers Support Specialist teams. Troy is a financial services veteran with over 20 years’ worth of experiences in advice construction and investment management.


Troy has worked in all aspects of financial services whether as a Responsible Manager for multiple AFS licensee businesses, Compliance Manager, Head of Advice, Head of Paraplanning, and other advisory board capacities. Troy’s contacts and experiences are quite extensive, and he adds a wealth of talent and support to our ANIG WM team.

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Ben Moses – MD/COO

Ari (Ben) Moses is a Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer of ANIG WM. He focuses exclusively on providing solutions to our firm, our advisers (CARs/ARs) and their relationships, our investment managers and our platform solutions for our clients/investors. Ben implements disciplines across all boards to enhance our clients’ experiences and he has held senior adviser and managing partner roles within the financial services industry. Ben is our main architect and catalyst to our unique service offering proven to help elevate our advisers and their services. 


As an adviser, he has worked on complex remediation projects and he understands what is required to create sustainable adviser/client disciplines that can help grow and evolve your relationships.

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Blake Sloane – MD

Blake Sloane is the Managing Director of ANIG WM. His primary responsibilities include oversight of client acquisition and organisational operation as well as platform and product distribution. Blake has held senior director and adviser roles within the financial services industry with experience in wealth management, business operations and large-scale remediation projects.

Message from Advisers/Clients Support Team.

Connect to our integrated adviser support services and share our expertise with your practice and clients. We have unparalleled experiences in servicing financial advisers and retail clients/investors, and our 24/7 platform and support services are to not only make your lives easier but also elevate and evolve with you. 

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