When to start?

Taking on a new loan or more debt is as challenging as working hard to pay it off over months/years/decades. You should be asking the right questions. ANIG WM expertise is offered to ensure you are well positioned in making an informed decision given that it could be a lifelong decision.

Understand all lenders make money on interest repayments. As a financial consultant ANIG Wealth Management makes money on showing you what to do to meet your loan obligations and how to start saving on the interest repayments and redirecting the savings into wealth creation or supporting lifestyle activities. 

Some say the property ladder is the hardest ladder to climb in Australia. You are either saving up a 20% deposit for the property you are looking to buy for your home or the alternative is to tap into existing equity from parents, family or a loved one’s asset and using it to get your head start. There are pros and cons for each approach and we are seeing most first home buyers utilising family properties to get the head start. Our role to our clients is to help them understand the impact of each and how they could apply the most financially beneficial one to save time and money. 

Our role

As a property advisory group, ANIG WM will help you design a budget for you to better understand your cash flow and how things could play out upon taking on the new loan.

Our wealth advisers will help work out your borrowing capacity for you to understand how much you can afford to spend on a property.

We will educate you about the different types of loan structures and how you could apply them to your finances and save on interest repayment.

Our risk advisers will work out the appropriate levels of insurance coverage you would need to protect yourself or loved ones. Note that a loan is a liability and you are only able to meet your obligation when you are receiving an income and able to meet your repayment. When you borrow money, you should always ask yourself about how you are able to meet your debt obligation should the income stop due to any unplanned event.

With your strategy we can introduce you to an ethical broker, a lender or work with your preferred broker ensuring your strategy is implemented.

Aside from knowing how much you can borrow, you need to know about your repayments including what you can afford and also set a timeline for paying off the loan sooner. Financial advisers and mortgage brokers can be of great help to this process. However, you should understand how these professionals are paid and be assured that your loan recommendation is based on your goals and not commissions expected to be received by any professional. 

We can provide you a guide on how to best approach this before you speak to a bank or a broker. 

Our wealth advisers will review your situation and advise about any available benefits you may be eligible to and also assist you with with the application process.

For an objective start you could use the provided mortgage calculators by the federal government’s Moneysmart Mortgage Calculators before talking to us.