Financial Planning for Doctors and Medical Professionals

We work with you to plan, create a strategy and point you in the direction of appropriate investment opportunities. Discuss your needs with ANIG WM today.

Personalised Support and Financial Advice

For medical professionals there is almost limitless potential for what you can do with your resources. Depending on your finances and lifestyle, time available, and your investment goals you will have different opportunities available to you. However, without the right support it’s easy to miss out on these opportunities. Also, it’s easy to think you may be running out of time, but the truth of the matter is that with the right support you can take advantage of the resources you have available right now. ANIG WM and its authorised financial advisers provide financial planning services for doctors. We work with you to plan, create a strategy, and point you in the direction of appropriate investment opportunities. Discuss your needs with your ANIG WM financial adviser today. 

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Services We Offer


Sit down with our financial experts to discuss your needs, wants and goals. We provide you with tailored financial advice and assist you in creating a financial plan that meets your needs.

Tax Management

Proper tax management can help you save thousands. Our team can help you manage your tax payments, ensuring you’re paying the correct amount in taxation and using the correct tax structures.

Wealth Advice

Whether you’re looking into retiring or just getting started, our team can provide advice on which course of action will best meet your needs, based on your current life and financial situation.


Good insurance planning is essential for medical professionals. The correct insurance and doctors income protection can protect you and your family against occupational risk.

Investment Mgmt.

ANIG WM give you complete control of your investments, allowing you to pick and choose from a wide range of offerings. These include fixed interest, equities, and property-based investments.

Wealth Succession

ANIG wealth management can help you plan your wealth succession, ensuring your earnings are transferred to the next generation with zero issues. Start planning wealth succession with ANIG WM today.

Estate Planning

If you’re seeking long-term financial wellbeing and success, estate planning is essential. Our experts can work with you to structure wills, set up enduring power(s) of attorney, guardianship arrangements, Trust structures and more.

Financial Planning for Doctors - Book a Consultation Today

With your financial wellbeing at the centre of everything we do, ANIG WM is dedicated to helping you create, manage and protect wealth for you and your family. With more than 20 years of experience behind us you can rely on our experts to give you the confidence and clarity you need to secure your financial future.

Personalised Support and Financial Advice

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As a leading national financial services licensee with experienced team supporting advisory firms, ANIG WM and its authorised financial advisers are in a unique position in the industry. We offer a fresh and innovative approach to financial advice, using our connections in the industry and a modern take on investing to provide you with opportunities that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. Our aim is to give you advice and support that is relevant to your unique situation, and help you maximise your financial wellbeing.