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ANG WM - financial planning dealer group services

At ANIG WM, we provide bespoke financial planning dealer group services supporting private financial advisory firms and their clients in Australia.

Our team of authorised representatives provide tailored advice to help you achieve financial success. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and create personalised strategies for your future. Call us now on 02 9258 1091.

You can leverage our Dealer Group Financial Planning Services to develop your business. We can provide guidance on staying compliant, delivering quality advice, integrating your business through diversified platforms and increasing efficiency. Contact us today to get started.

Increase Efficiency

Automating tasks can reduce administrative burdens and free time to focus on caring for clients. By automating mundane tasks, such as data entry and document management, healthcare professionals can spend more time providing quality care. Automation also helps to ensure accuracy and consistency in the data collected, making it easier to track and analyse patient information.

Quality Advice

We provide automated advice modelling, integrated research tools and compliance solutions to help you deliver quality advice. Our solutions can be personalised, engaging and simplified, making it easier for you to provide the best advice to your clients.

Be Compliance Ready

Our integrated revenue and FDS software solutions provide a single-source truth to meet your regulatory requirements and address your compliance and back-office needs. Simplify your operations and ensure compliance with our tailored solutions.


Advisers can access real-time data feeds from platforms, funds, superannuation, risk providers, property assets and banks, all through a customisable dashboard. Get the information you need to make informed decisions quickly and easily.