Our Values

ANIG Wealth Management is a financial planning dealer group operating nation-wide. We provide financial advisors with the support they need to succeed, whether that’s compliance and paraplanning support, licensing, or personal advice and assistance. Years of experience across a wide range of financial disciplines gives us the knowledge and experience to provide tailored support. Discuss your needs with our financial experts today and let us help you improve your services and capabilities to serve your clients better than ever before.

Community Based Approach to Dealer Groups

Retirement planning

Over the years we’ve developed and adapted our approach to financial planning support services, opting to focus on connecting advisers, retail clients and investors. We promote transparency and accountability, providing better client experiences across the board through tailored strategic solutions.

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ANIG WM make financial advice simpler, clearer and cheaper for financial advisors across Australia. Join a growing group of financial experts, advisors and specialists in revolutionising the way financial advice is done. Call ANIG Wealth Management financial planning dealer group today.

Dealer Group Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning LIcensee

We’re a leading privately owned financial planning licensee. Discuss your needs with our team or learn more here.

Back-Office Support

Get access to full back office support services, including clearances, accounting, record maintenance and more.


If you need paraplanning, ANIG WM offer cost-effective paraplanning services, designed to reduce workload and help you focus on your clients.


Compliance Support

We offer comprehensive and simple to use compliance support solutions tailored to your needs.


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When choosing a financial planning dealer group, you need to be sure that the one you pick is going to provide you with the services and support you need. Being a self-licensed private financial advisory firm, we’re not limited in the opportunities we can provide. We give you access to the opportunities that best meet your interests, not ours, and help you make the most of them. If you have specific needs and require access to certain services without the limitations many large dealers impose, ANIG WM may be the dealer group for you. Our dealer groups financial planning support is among the best. We can support you as you work and grow. Book a consultation with our team today for more information.