SMSF Auditor and Investing Services

The ANIG Wealth Management SMSF and investment solutions are designed for retail clients with a minimum or combined superannuation balance of $200,000. As a leading financial services licensee, our authorised representatives offering specialist SMSF investment advice provides a range of specialised services to assist you in managing your superannuation fund. If you’re looking to start managing your own superannuation fund, or need advice, administration and auditing services for your SMSF, the ANIG WM authorised financial advisers and associated SMSF accountants can provide you with the support you need. Our holistic and personalised approach to SMSF advice gives you complete control over your portfolio and the confidence to make the important decisions. Book a 5-minute discovery consultation with an ANIG WM SMSF financial adviser today and discuss your needs with us.

Personalised Support from Our SMSF Adviser

If you run a self-managed superannuation fund, you must have a registered SMSF auditor audit the fund annually. ANIG WM can examine your SMSF’s financial records, assessing the validity and accuracy to ensure your fund is compliant with superannuation rules. Our SMSF Adviser can also provide government guidance for your SMSF. Alternatively, if you’re looking for comprehensive and up-to-date documentation regarding SMSFs, you should start and refer to the provided 36-page introduction article by the ATO for ‘Running a self-managed super fund’.
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Choose ANIG WM As Your Financial Advisory Group

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Whilst we have high net worth investors, we can attest to the fact that SMSFs are not only for the ultra-wealthy investor. An individual or a couple with a minimum or combined superannuation balance of $200,000 can equally benefit from the SMSF investment vehicle with the right investment advice and strategies. Regardless of your superannuation balance, consulting an SMSF adviser and getting appropriate advice is essential if you’re considering self-managing your super fund.

An experienced ANIG WM SMSF Adviser can guide you through the process of establishing one and our associated SMSF accountants can guide you through the process of auditing your SMSF. We can reduce unnecessary costs and ensure your fund is in the best position to succeed. Book a consultation with ANIG WM today and get advice and support from our associated SMSF auditors and accountants.