Understanding how tax works and managing its implications on your investments and income streams can help you ensure you don’t pay more than you need to and also reach your financial goals sooner.


Interest (income from savings, bonds and other fixed interest securities), dividends (income from shares), rental income (properties), income from trust including SMSF, foreign investment income (applicable only to Australian resident), and capital gains tax can all be legally controlled, reduced or be completely avoided in some circumstances with the right strategies.


Different tax rates apply to different investment structures and vehicles. It only takes the right tax investment advice to help you navigate your way around the Australian legislative tax system. 


The federal government’s Moneysmart information site has information on investing and tax.

ANIG Wealth Management is a licensee and a diversified wealth management firm focused on managing and growing the wealth of non-institutional investors and retail clients. As a registered financial advisor group, we offer a wide range of financial advisory services.


You have spent a lifetime working to secure your financial future. ANIG WM’s strategic investing, wealth creation and tax mitigation solutions can help protect and grow your available resources (superannuation and non-super assets) and provide the confidence and peace of mind you seek from your advisers and wealth management firm. We share a common goal with all our advisers, and through our personalised and comprehensive investment and wealth management solutions, we are your single source of solution to all your investing and tax planning questions. 


Our point of difference?


Holistic – With wealth comes complexity, so our holistic approach to financial advice and investing begins from understanding your set immediate and long-term objectives. Our processes are to ensure we are strategising to deal with your unique and ever-evolving circumstances for your immediate and long-term peace of mind.


Direct ownership – Owning our AFS license allows us to independently think about our strategies and clients’ wellbeing without any institutional agendas. We can reduce/cut unnecessary costs, and our clients/advisers are well-positioned to be investing direct using their preferred asset classes of equities, fixed interest, and direct property-based investments. 


Customisation – We have a flexible approach to portfolio construction. Your portfolios are customised to your set security level and unique investment risk profile to provide you the confidence you seek and peace of mind. 


Accessibility – You will be under the management of your adviser/AR/CAR. You will have direct access to your adviser/AR/CAR and also your investment managers. We provide 24/7 access to your portfolio, so you can always be evaluating our performance. 


Tax-effectiveness – We focus on the after-tax returns to stem or reduce your cash outflows and promote wealth preservation. With investors opened to sound advice, we are comfortable using investment vehicles like Superannuation, SMAs, SMSF, Family Trust, and other tax-effective vehicles to reduce the tax impact on your investment returns and future capital gains 

Exclusivity – Given we are a non-aligned firm, we can apply a diverse range of investment solutions, and you will have access to exclusive investment opportunities that would otherwise not be available to you in a product-based market.

ASFIN Group is a diversified financial services operation with a wealth of investment experience nominated by the Australian National Investment Group as the dedicated Investment Manager. The investment team have been together since 2016 and have over 50 years of trading experience between them.


ASFIN’s core services and depth of experience extends to securities and derivatives, international portfolios, and equity capital markets. 


International Portfolios


Through the global investment platform, ASFIN provides clients with easy access to over 20,000 shares and ETF’s across 23 global exchanges, including the ASX.


Securities and Derivatives Trading


The trading team at ASFIN consists of highly experienced advisers specialising in mid-tier and large-cap companies on the ASX. In this specialised area, ASFIN operates derivatives strategies that include equity and index options that aim to generate income, provide hedging for portfolios and speculation.


Equity Capital Markets (ECM)


The team at ASFIN have participated in assisting listed and unlisted companies to raise capital through private equity and placements. 


The collaboration with ANIG for client strategies is carefully executed through directive policies and consistent Investment committee meetings.

That is dependent on your marginal tax rate and that of your partner. If an investor’s marginal tax rate is 19%, 37%, or 45% exclusive GST, then your investment income will be taxed at that rate.

Generally, an investor receives a 50% CGT discount for investment held longer than 12 months. The remainder of the profit will be taxed at the marginal tax rate of the investor(s) or person(s) owning the asset.

That is dependent on the marginal tax rate of the beneficiaries of the family trust entitled to be receiving the distribution (income) from the family trust. Among other considerations, if a family trust beneficiary’s marginal tax rate is 19%, 37%, or 45% exclusive GST, then that is how much tax payable for the income generated from the investment.

Capital gains tax is capped at 10% within super funds and when you meet specific eligibility criteria, an investor could be paying 0% capital gains tax with their investments in an SMSF or in superannuation.

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Partner with an ANIG WM financial adviser in Sydney or Brisbane to help navigate your financial future. You'll be granted unlimited access to our expertise, our professional tax effective investment strategies and solutions, and we'll also remain your guide and trusted advisers for ongoing review and advice. We offer our services to individuals and businesses across Australia.