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ANIG Wealth Management is a licensee and a diversified wealth management firm focused on managing and growing the wealth of non-institutional investors and retail clients. 


You have spent a lifetime working to secure your financial future. ANIG WM’s strategic personal insurance and superannuation solutions can help protect and grow your available resources (superannuation and non-super assets) and provide the confidence and peace of mind you seek from your advisers and wealth management firm. We share a common goal with all our advisers and through our personalised and comprehensive insurance and wealth management solutions, we are your single source of solution to all your insurance and superannuation structuring questions. 


Our point of difference?


Holistic – With wealth comes complexity, so our holistic approach to financial advice and investing begins from understanding your set immediate and long-term objectives. Our processes are to ensure we are strategising to deal with your unique and ever-evolving circumstances for your immediate and long-term peace of mind.


Direct ownership – Owning our AFS license allows us to independently think about our strategies and clients’ wellbeing without any institutional agendas. We can reduce/cut unnecessary costs, and our clients/advisers are well-positioned to be investing direct using their preferred asset classes of equities, fixed interest, and direct property-based investments. 


Customisation – We have a flexible approach to portfolio construction. Your portfolios are customised to your set security level and unique investment risk profile to provide you the confidence you seek and peace of mind. 


Accessibility – You will be under the management of your adviser/AR/CAR. You will have direct access to your adviser/AR/CAR and also your investment managers. We provide 24/7 access to your portfolio, so you can always be evaluating our performance. 


Tax-effectiveness – We focus on the after-tax returns to stem or reduce your cash outflows and promote wealth preservation. With investors opened to sound advice, we are comfortable using investment vehicles like Superannuation, SMAs, SMSF, Family Trust, and other tax-effective vehicles to reduce the tax impact on your investment returns and future capital gains


Exclusivity – Given we are a non-aligned firm, we can apply a diverse range of investment solutions, and you will have access to exclusive investment opportunities that would otherwise not be available to you in a product-based market.

* How will the mortgage and debt obligations be met in a death or disability event?

* Will loved ones be financially disadvantaged in my absence? 

* Will I or my partner be able to sustain ongoing lifestyle and medical expenses in a death, critical illness or disability event?

* Will family and loved ones be forced to sell off assets to meet living and medical expenses in a death, illness or disability event?

* How do I know if I/we need personal insurance cover or is home insurance enough?

Life Cover

Life insurance

This cover provides greater comfort to the insured person’s family or loved ones with a lump sum payment in an event of death. The lump sum payment can be used to wipe out debts, meet daily expenses or be invested.

  • The insured could choose to apply for a cover from $100k to over $1m plus.
  • Gives peace of mind that those who depend on you will not be financially disadvantaged with the burden of maintaining living cost or loan repayments.  
  • Cover is generally taken out by people with debts, low to no income producing assets, dependants, or other relevant personal circumstances. 
  • Premiums could be tax deductible based on the structure used to purchase the cover.
  • Premium can be paid with a super fund or self-managed superannuation fund. 
  • Some discounts available in the market for life cover includes 17.5% discount on the premium, a three-year rate guarantee where your base premium wouldn’t change within three years. Others offer discounts if you meet some eligibility criteria. 

Income Protection

Income protection insurance

This cover ensures you continue to receive income in event where you are unable to work to support yourself/family due to accident or sickness. As your work income is replaced with an income protection cover, this cover generally helps people or families avoid going through financial stress in bad times. 

  • IP cover can provide a financial safety net of up to 75% of income plus super.

  • Designed to help secure lifestyle by ensuring cash flow needs and loan repayments are met should a temporary disability occur. 

    • Benefit is payable in monthly instalments.  

    • Some discounts available on this cover includes 7.5% and others based on some eligibility criteria. 

    • Cover cost can be structured through superannuation or funded with personal cash. 

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

In events where a person suffers severe accident, injury or sickness a total & permanent disability cover (TPD) can provide greater support to the insured person with a lump sum payment where the insured person becomes totally and permanently disabled. The lump sum payment can be used to meet medical and lifestyle expenses, mortgage repayments, home modification, or be invested.

  •  The cover could offer similar features and benefits to a Life cover. 
  • There are two definitions (Any Occupation/Own Occupation) you could be insured. 
  • There are specific benefits attributable to each definition (Any/Own) and could be tax deductible. 
  • Premium can be paid with superannuation money based on the structure of cover. 
  • ANIG WM provides full support and assistance to clients throughout the entire claim process. 

Trauma Cover

Critical illness insurance

Critical Illness or Trauma cover offers protection by providing a lump sum in the event of you being diagnosed as a range of specified medical conditions (e.g. a heart attack, cancer or stroke). During periods of recuperation where items such as home modifications and specialist medical attention may be necessary the lump sum payment can be useful to avoid financial stress.

  • Cover is only available outside super.
  • Minimum and maximum entry age is 18 and 60 for person insured. 
  • Minimum sum insured amount is generally around $25,000.
  • Cover is generally the most expense among all personal insurance covers. 
  • ANIG WM provides full support and assistance to clients throughout the entire claim process.